Pete Engelhorn                                         

My Services Include:

Experienced (over 30 years).....  of professional, pragmatic, precision carpentry.


What do you do.....? for example......

I've done pretty much it all as a Residential General Contractor over the years... yet now I'm drawn to the smaller, hands on projects such as:

Hanging doors (including some emergency door hanging), trim work, replacing windows, handrails and have built quite a few wooden gates (some spanning 12') and just finished a gents (A.D.A. compliant) ramp.

Best to ask....

How much do charge for your labor?

I've an hourly labor rate of $39.00, by the job or by bid. (plus materials)

Minium fee.... i.e. two hour charge regardless of real time spent etc. NEVER a minium!!


Are their any discounts offered for carpentry services ?

Yes...., for military, (thank you for sacrifice) and for "seasoned citizens" (for those who have retained their passion and are above the age of 65) a 10% discount is warmly given.


   Payment Options:

   I accept cash or check.  

   How much notice do you need?

   My booking schedule is simply based on a first-come first-serviced format.  I am willing to do last minute, emergency work due to "unforeseen" circumstances. 


  Travel Fees:



        Contact Pete at:   541.779.2436  or   Copy & paste ......

                                      Snail Mail Snail-Mail 002.jpg (16979 bytes) P.O. Box 326, Medford, Oregon 97501

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My Boss.......     .......Every man is the architect of his own fate...... Petros

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