Testimonials? ...................... What testimonials?! Okay, you caught us. While the other guys were fine-tuning their marketing approach, we were doing what we've done for the last 29+ years, namely making the best quality, fully portable buildings available. Every now and then we'd get several positive comments from our clients (sometimes from their neighbors), and once in a while we'd say to one another, That's terrific! We should be building a file so we can share it with the rest of the world ....... But alas, we're an association of shed building folks not an advertising agency. We digress.............. Right now, we're accepting reviews from our purchasers. You can help if you'd like. Have us build one of our excellent little buildings and send us your comments. :-) ... ok....... And now for a sampling:

  Pete, just want to drop you a note thanking you for that great little building that makes me smile everyday. When I decided that I needed a shed for the things that were being uprooted by my fence removal and replacement I searched the Internet and reviewed everything from metal and Rubbermaid versions found at big box stores to several custom options. The cheaper versions were quickly eliminated by the fact they had no floor. The reviews on your website of customers pleased with your service and exceptional quality led me to your company (base rate was only slightly greater than one of the other custom builders). And boy am I glad I made that call!
From the first meeting it was apparent that you listen to your customers and get a feel for their individual tastes and vision. It was exciting to watch it take shape on paper and then real 3-D completion. From the high quality 2x4's to the shingles and trim work it is a great structure. Your attention to detail is superb! So great, that even before it was completed I knew we needed to add a second room to the back of the shed for the dirt, wheelbarrows and planting materials and keep the original structure as my reading, craft and photography studio. While I'm still waiting to get the insulation and inside paneling installed I'm so excited to spend time in this new space. I'm starting to buy lottery tickets so I can get the cash to build a bigger version of my little "cabin". Thank you Pete. It has been a great experience from start to finish.
                                                                                            Chris S.

"The Talent's Artists Studio"               (Click to enlarge)

Hi Pete! Hope your summer is going well. My studio is awesome. Figuring out exterior colors then will send pics when all finished. As promised, here's testimonial of my wonderful experience: My experience with Pete and Rogue Custom could not have been better. From my first phone call, when I was still trying to figure out exactly what I wanted, through the construction phase, all the way to Pete handing over the key to my new studio, everything went smoothly. Pete has a wonderful balance of professionalism with a personable easy going attitude. He was always available to answer any questions. He was reliable and very knowledgeable. Also, there were no surprises along the way. The finished product was exactly what I had envisioned and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Pete and Rogue Custom! Take care and stay cool :-) Emily  "The Talent's Artists Studio"

  "The Ashland Salt Box Workshop -n - Storage"
Pete and (Rogue Custom Sheds) just completed a second shed for us. The result was a professionally constructed and visually appealing 8' X 12' fully vented structure with salt box roof and baton strip siding. Pete proved once again to be someone who puts a premium on communication and a person who takes great pride in his work. We highly recommend “Rogue Custom Sheds”
Bill and Rita of Ashland Or.
(“The Ashland Salt Box Workshop -n - Storage”)   
(Click to enlarge)                       

 "Mr. “E”’s “Keeper”      (click on to enlarge)

An open letter to Pete at Rogue Custom.

We, after assimilating the experience of seeing what can be...... felt it only neighbourly to comment on the storage building and all it’s nuances.
Points noticed:
* Tasteful charcoal upgraded roofing and a roof pitch that is very appealing.
* Super "Convection" Ventilation System.... simply brilliant!
* Substantial, (non-anemic) roof edge boards and trim.
* Attractive 2' overhang over front door, keeping the rains at bay.
* Both handcrafted doors are without question high-end, heavy-duty, well built, befittingly thought out, with true well functioning, secure locks...... sure to make sleep easy!
* The side “yard care” access door for the mower, trimmer and hand tools are so well thought out.
* The loft and the well placed shelving gives so much more storage area than expected, the extra will be put to good use as a potting area. Thankx!!
* Paint and trim stain couldn’t be more tasteful in colour, and the application was impeccable. The floor is made of real 3/4' plywood (NOT that crazy, anemic chip board ugly floor) that is screwed down (NOT stapled).
* That (at NO charge) upgraded lock system (good luck those with sticky fingers!) The generous step (also at NO up-charge). Along with the so many extras that “others” would “up-charge” if they even offered.
* The mammoth (Herculean??) members (skids) underneath with their pull-rings will make a move in a few years so much easier. ( Yes, be taking this building with .... rather attached to it as of late).

Our message to others: Folks there is absolutely no comparison between Rogue Custom’s buildings and what the “others” are offering. Do your research as I did.

I’ve a friend Gary who has been building high end cabinetry for decades and he observed that “the overall fit and craftsmanship of this building and others produced by this company isn’t to be found elsewhere”.  Remember....Those "CHEAP-O...... cr_p-o "shed making dudes" got to be avoided like the plague........

The overall, well thought out design is brought to full fruition by Master Builder and (actually a "Preferred Contractor") Pete and I agree with Bill & Rita, they being a second time client, speaks volumes for their own impression of Pete and Rogue Custom. (By the way Bill & Rita, your “Ashland’s Salt Box” is a charmer!)

My husband and I both agree, we will abide by Bill and Rita’s actions, that we too will be having Pete build the exact same format yet larger overall, minus the small side door, add some windows, etc. and a Murphy bed on our Mt. property. Can you say “Romantic??”

Summing it up .......finally a builder who thinks differently......has the skill set to back it all up and delivers........ this one is definitely a keeper!

Thank you so much. See you in a year or so.            
Mr. and Mrs. “E” (“Mr. & Mrs. “E”’s “Keeper”)
(click on to enlarge)


 "Richards Essential Shed"

Thank you Pete for the wonderful storage shed you built me. Every time I see it the fine craftsmanship speaks for it's self. Thank you Pete for the wonderful storage shed you built me. Every time I see it the fine craftsmanship speaks for it's self.
You give the very best in your work and has lead to your success. Again thank you Richard.

Here is my testimonial.
I agree with my neighbor Richard and what he has to say about the shed you built for him a couple years ago “the wonderful storage shed you built me. Every time I see it the fine craftsmanship speaks for it's self. You give the very best in your work and has lead to your success. Again thank you Richard”.

I too say thanks so much for everything! I hired Pete in June of this year to construct a 8' X 10' wood storage shed for use as a caned food pantry/storage unit. Fully insulated, well cross ventilated with interior plywood paneling and sturdy shelving.

I am thoroughly satisfied with the great job he did.  
 (Click to enlarge)   

From the time I first contacted Pete, I was impressed, he explains the build process well.
He wanted to be sure that I was pleased with every aspect of this project, and I was!
Pete has a very strong work ethic. He always shows up when he says he will and stays focused at the job at hand and isn’t apposed to spend as much time as necessary to assure the finest outcome. Not only does he do well executed carpentry, he is very careful and considerate about cleaning up any debris at the end of the workday.
Pete is very straight forward and honest in all of his dealings.
His offer to give me a Military/Senior citizens discount put his pricing within reach of another builders quote, with the obvious quality contrast of his product line it was a no brainer!
I highly recommend him for building any kind of structure.
His use of only full sized hand driven nails (from a nail bag) instead of staples or brad sized headed nails from a gun when putting his buildings together to his exclusive use of engineered truss systems on every shed including his entry level sheds was a HUGE plus for me!
I really appreciate someone who not only takes major pride in their work, but one who also wants to please his customers. Pete is very easy to talk with and is eager to please.
He loves the work that he does, and it shows.

Speaking of pride in workmanship, his beautifully custom hand crafted door and the four wraparound shelves with their recessed plywood shelving edge is so well thought out and quite stout! I can see many decades of service here.                              Client requested optional shelving  

Here is the result of the shed he built me and the beautiful job that was done.
Thanks so much for everything Pete!
The first round of beer at Wild River Pub is on me.

Sincerely, Bernie (Bernard) Falkowski 1st. LT OR. National Guard (Ret)

Dear Custom Sheds/Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Out Buildings                 
This is an open letter sent from a "believer".
Being of a critical nature, I purchase nothing of consequence without a thorough investigation.
"Money worked hard to produce.... best be wise when spent" is applicable here.
The shed products available locally at first appear par with one another until the "realities" come to visit.
The sheds from 75_-S _ _T are just that. Comparing your base "Essential Sheds"
with their "Basic" and "Deluxe" models the following is quite telling.
(1) Theirs has 15 year roofing - Yours 30/lifetime year roofing.
(2) Theirs have no roofing felt - Yours all do have.
(3) Theirs have no steel roof edging - Yours all do have.
(4) Theirs have flimsy faux-boards around the roofing border -
      All of Yours have beefy real 2x6 wood perimeters.
(5) Theirs have faux-wood waste 7/16" roof base - Yours have real plywood 5/8".
(6) Theirs have faux-wood waste sub-sized, T-111 - Yours have real plywood T-111.
(7) Theirs have the studs on 24" centers - Yours are all on 16"centers.
(8) Theirs have flimsy, rather boring/unimaginative/anemic doors -
     Yours have real, labor intensive/attractive/substantial hand-crafted wood doors.
(9) Theirs have cheap hardware store hinges -
     Yours have real extra heavy duty hinges.
(10) Theirs have cheap hardware store hasps - Yours have real knobs (inside and out), with keyed locks.
OH! In driving about....it’s easy to spot "theirs" .... look for the sad sheds with sagging doors, roofing bits missing (without any roofing felt) and staples popping out!
In contrast, I spotted one of yours on the coast highway and spoke with the land owner and he said " it was built in 1989 and I’ve had to paint it once.... other than that "it’s been a workhorse".
(11) Theirs have more of that dumb looking, faux-wood waste for flooring - stapled down!!!!
       Yours have real extra heavy duty tongue-n-groove plywood.
(12) Theirs have no doorway scuff plate - Yours have a heavy duty plate.
(13) On theirs, they have more staples than Carter has pills. Not a single nail could be detected... anywhere.
      Yours are built by hand (and the quality reflects this) are hand nailed and the use of some space age screws appear throughout .
(14) Price/Build Time.... they quoted me $300 (less) than yours on the biggest I can place, a 8'x15'.
       And when asked how long to build, they said "under a day".
Your quote was (precisely $279 more than theirs) and when all was said and done you were on my property five and a half days.
The best $279 I’ve ever spent...after all, not all sheds are built equal.
Sidebar: A housing comparison would be expecting a Mahar for a Adair price...an automotive comparison a Mercedes for a Kia price. You truly need to change your pricing.... (up it a bit!)   You and your family work very hard for all your clients.
James Leucadia

"Your Independent Out-Building Provider....For Independent Minds" "Your Independent Out-Building Provider....For Independent Minds"

Pete Engelhorn, owner of Rogue Custom Sheds, just finished building us an absolutely awesome shed. We live in Jacksonville so of course there are
certain hoops to jump through before you can build anything. Pete was so helpful getting everything lined out, plans drawn up, explanation of everything
he would be doing and how he would be doing it.
Pete is one of those kind of guys (and they're pretty rare) who does what he says he will do and does it when he says he will do it and does a fantastic job.
We have a shed that looks like it will last a lifetime and continue to hold up over the years--everything is top-notch.
Probably shouldn't say this in such a public place but... we have a contractor doing some remodeling for us and he said and I quote "that is one hellava
shed"... and meant it in a very complimentary way.
If you need a shed, call Pete!!
Don and Lyn W. See the......                   "Jacksonville 1854 Workshop-n-Storage" 

            May 21st. 2012          "Sharron's Folly"

Many thanks for your talent, craftsmanship and integrity.....

Our "folly" will be an inspiration to me and others for many years.....I love it!! Thank you again, Pete



   "The Cave Junction" 

#1 WOW! This is some of my neighbors and my response to the folks down the roads new li’l building.

Out on my evenings walk observing the progress of a shed being built down the road. Taking in an occasional closer look noticed the highly-developed

finish and obvious care the builder has incorporated into the project.

Upon inspection of the interior that really came alive with a well placed/sized loft, that gives those "mini barns" a strong run for the money..... bloody


The high end, large windows allowing tons of light in and then the hand crafted, well engineered doors, I marveled at the well conceived latch

mechanisms .....smart....very smart! .

I know who I’d recommend when the subject of sheds comes up!

The reason I am sending this unsolicited letter is rather simple, I have been a builder of high end custom homes, retired for twenty odd years now and more

from a curiosity point have taken a hard look at what sheds are being peddled locally.

Sheds, mini barns and the like, on line, at big box stores or on display next to the freeway all appear to have one thing in common, the lack of quality!

It is refreshing to view a holdout of old world craftsman style workmanship.

I personally feel we should advance those who have integrity and passion in what they build. I believe we have one such in southern Oregon, Rogue Custom.

I know nothing of the company or it’s owner, just my observations of this building being systematically built and the end result. WOW!

Notation... Went on line and found "The Cave Junction" on their site to be the exact building I’m talking about.

William Myers

Cave Junction, Oregon


   (click on to enlarge)       "The Silversmiths Artists Studio"

Hi Pete,
I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you did on my "studio/shed". From the ground up...your workmanship was incredible, your attention to details, amazing! What a truly beautiful piece of art!!!
I truly appreciated your sense of "rightness" & your artist's eye. You were a pleasure to work with. Anyone looking for quality work need look no further. I give you my heart felt endorsement!!!

Thanks again, J. L.


#2 Testimony - Observations of Bruce & Randy Dated 01/30/2012 .....Updated 07/10/17

A bit on the lay of the land, Bruce is my neighbor of about 16 years.

We spend most of our free time conversing and are of the mind set of comparing most everything that we encounter......that makes for some most interesting


Early this past spring "Brother Bruce" as I refer, contacted a local shed company and had one of their "premium" 12' x 16' sheds built. ....Just noted that this

"local "not so" shed store" hasn't had a single "customer Comment" ......... last (anemic one) was dated  2012.... sounds like the word is getting out!!!!!

We both casually observed their production. Upon completion we were both surprised at the 7 ½ hours they spent stapling it together, then spraying it down

with a thin coat of paint (maybe as much as an ½ hour). We both in our own way remarked that "we are in the wrong business" etc., etc. for the time spent

for the dollar payed-out.

Then as life so often lays out, I soon realized that a shed of comparable size would do rather nicely as a garden retreat for us boys to play cards, tell tales,

pop the occasional cork, etc., and give us a much deserved break from all the "honey dos" that appear to accumulate.

Upon some very basic research I discovered that a few shed building companies here are indigenous. With further search I discovered one that appeared to

stand out above the remainder. I contacted them (Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings) and found them (more accurately ...Pete) to be very personal,

knowledgeable and refreshingly articulate.

His products appeared to be high quality and aesthetically pleasing, although somewhat higher in the monetary department.

The long made brief, I decided to go with my instincts rather than my checkbook alone, and had them (Him....Pete), build a 12'x16' garden shed.

So very glad that I made this decision verses what was so rudely discovered by my friend, Bruce and his "not so" as he refers to his shed investment.

We both sat down and scribed a twin column list complete with comments, feelings and comparisons of what our shed build experiences were with our separate undertakings.

What follows is as accurate and concise as possible...... Top to Bottom:



Roof as placed by Pete (Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings). Each lifetime element was precisely placed and hand nailed as only an artist would. Roofing felt paper nicely overlapped held in place with round buttons, nailed to thick real plywood over 2"x4" rafters on 16" centers with a 2"x6" apex board. Then steel drip strips placed all around the perimeter above 2"x6" stout/attractive fascias.

(Approximately 14.5 hours)

Roof as done by Bruce’s "not so" shed people tawdrily stapled roofing w/lower fringes already lifting. No roofing felt, No steel drip strips. Just roofing (No nails in use) stapled directly to the chip board over 2"x4" rafters on 24"+ centers with No apex board. Cheap-anemic 3/4"x3" fascias stapled in place.

(Approximately 2-1/4 hours)


Walls as placed by Pete, utilizing T-111 (real) plywood siding placed over kiln dried (the good stuff) 2"x4"s studs on 16" centers, hand nailed (real) full sized nails, placed with care, then tie boards placed on top, nicely screwed securely together. Then very nice (real) wood outer corner trim screwed in place.

(Approximately 13.5 hours)

Wall panels as done by Bruce’s "not so" shed dealers utilizing faux (fake) chip board T-111 from Canada, 2"x4" (2'x3"???) studs on 24"+ centers, again cheaply stapled together (No nails) . No tie boards placed on top. Corner trim was cut from sub-standard chipboard siding, stapled into place.

(Approximately 1½ hour)

We resource local / Oregon REAL WOOD NOT (Canadian or Russian POISONED wood byproducts) that contain TOXIC urea formaldehyde.


Pete’s provided door is of high caliber steel with a proper keyed lockset, placed with care squarely and properly screwed into place. Fully calked and sealed. Outer trim is of a high standard.

Windows are modern in design, attractive, single hung with proper screens, painstakingly calked and sealed and nice (real) wood trim screwed in place.

(Approximately 11.5 hours)

The door as done by Bruce’s "not so" shed company is made up of the same buckling chipboard as the exterior, framed with unsightly wood scraps, ill fitting over all. Door lock is a hasp, (pad. lock) had to be furnished by my Brother Bruce. No calking or door seals! Outer trim was cut from sub-standard chipboard siding, stapled (many times??..... too many times.....corners are crumbling), into place.

Window is the common diminutive slider design with a screen, trim was cut from same buckling chipboard siding, stapled (many times?? again??), in place.

(Approximately 1.5 hours)


The flooring Pete placed is nicely sanded ¾" (real) tongue & groove plywood screwed down to the floor supports in such a fashion as to assure a squeak and sound eliminated experience. The supplied sub-flooring is of "Green Applied Science" and the total structure may be relocated as is or dissembled and re-assembled elseware with this inspirational design. Nicely leveled without disturbing the turf beneath.

(Approximately 10.0 hours)

The floor as done by the "other" shed store was more chipboard, 5/8" thick I believe, held down with more staples (sure hope they get a good deal on those thin pieces of bent wire!) to NON Green Technology, NON treated wood. It is doubtful that this staple box would survive even a short trip if one was to attempt to relocate this "staple box".

(Approximately 1.75 hours)


The 15 year paint was artistically placed (two coats) by hand ....with a brush by Pete himself... NOT by a $9.00 an hour cigarette smoking employee I might add. (Approximately 13.0 hours)

Their ?? year paint was placed via (one coat?) by ....... sprayer...with the over spray to prove it. Yet... the trim was painted with a mini roller.

(Approximately 30 min.)


The "Bottom Line" in this case clearly isn’t only ones checkbook .....yes Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings comes in a bit higher ...yet one can plainly see from our observations that the tried and true statement of "the cheaper isn’t the keeper" cleanly applies to these experiences. I can visualize many years of enjoyment coming from my investment...... and I'll proudly leave this asset to my grandchildren.

Do well Pete and Family Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings,

Randy Howe and Brother Bruce

P.S. The 62½+ hours you personally spent on our property ...... WOW! Thank you ever so much......... ............Randy’s wife, Diana



It is a pleasure to recommend Mr. Pete Engelhorn, proprietor of Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings if you are considering a stand-alone unit on your property. Pete built us a 198 square foot shed which we made into an art-studio. Pete worked with us from the inception, going over the rough plans, advising us along the way. He then proceeded to build our little shed (and now we've made it into a dream studio).

Pete is a skilled craftsman, has developed a tried and true process for building such units, worked efficiently within budget and time constraints, and was always amenable to changes along the way. His presence on our property was not intrusive in any way, and it was a pleasure chatting with him as appropriate.

I highly recommend Pete if you are considering a small out-building on your property. You will be very satisfied, as we were!

William E. K., Ph.D, Carcassonne, FX       "The Emigrant Studio"


Hi Pete!!!

What a pleasure it has been having you build my shed. It's PERFECT! The reasons are many, quality construction of course, but the real difference for me was; How we discussed the design and the many choices you offered then boiled down. How big? Sky lights? Type of door? Side door? What color?

Well done my friend, it's more than I expected. The dual over head high tech sky lights are nothing short of amazing. During the day they let the light pour in. The extension, or "loft" on the front gives me another 2 feet of storage room for my roll away tool boxes and work bench. That idea was brilliant, it makes a huge difference in available floor space and I need every inch.

It's a wonderful shed and money well invested. In time, perhaps I will take it with me should I ever move. This is no ordinary shed, it's a "keeper"!

The side door is wonderful, a "must have" in my opinion.


"The Cobra Den"

"bet you like your competitors........they drive a lot of potential clients to you!!! "Green Applied Science".



Please by all means post our letter of recommendation as written............

My husband and I have a few observations when it comes to who to consider (and who to avoid) in the Rogue Valley if the need arises to have a "shed" built.

(A little background on the two of us). We are both semi-retired professionals accustomed to dealing with individuals with serious proficiency in whatever endeavor they pursue...... (Half Bakers need not apply!)

We finding with our "unofficial Bed & Breakfast" (i.e.. friends, travelers, Grandchildren, etc.), our somewhat smallish traditional Victorian house, corresponding property in need of an adjustment.

After considering (with much research and inquiry) we came to the conclusion that for us, the best fit would to have a truly portable structure constructed in the outer garden area to handle the overflow of personal items to be stored.

After interviewing all the local "builders" (augmented with the recommendations/suggestions of some trusted colleagues and friends), we came to the conclusion that we would only entertain the builder Pete Engelhorn of Rogue Custom for our project.

This brings us to our observations: Being aware that quality and price often go hand and hand, we were prepared to pay substantially more to receive the ideal storage building of our liking.

We were told by some of the aforementioned individuals that Pete and his little company were more than reasonable when it comes to pricing and that His standard in workmanship is unsurpassed in the area.

We can only say that from the day the two of us engaged Pete, through the completion of our project.....you’d be hard pressed to find a more considerate, attentive, precession craftsman anywhere. He carries to the task, a most welcome dry sense of humor, polite domineer, he’s a true old world gentleman, with a non-pushy yet thoughtful creative spirit, brought to every aspect of the build process.

My husband said more than once "I’ll miss him when he’s done with our project"...I concur!!!

He arrived as promised, put in a full day.... plus, was found on numerous occasions spending the extra time he felt necessary the provide the maximum quality outcome. Yes our project cost about 12% more with Rogue Custom than with their competitors ..... We found this to be much more than a true bargain! He could (maybe should?) charge much more and would still bring a proper value to the project. Even more than a bargan.....we love our "one off" door and the skylights..see your ...

As far as who to avoid ...... that’s rather easy.... We interviewed all the local companies, they all fell rather flat when "quality" was mentioned (Half Bakers, Want-To-be’s, if they could they would, etc.)..... except Rogue Custom.

"Beyond Price .......Immediate ... and ....Continuing Value" ........Rogue Custom

(1) Upon further investigation it has been discovered that ALL but Rogue Custom build with cheap, imported (non-American) wood chip/waste fo-plywood that contains urea formaldehyde..... very hard on any living organism. Furthermore be noted, we wanted an attractive storage shed with the ability to be moved at a later date. Rogue Custom's high quality standards, materials and build methods assured us of this conclusion.

(2) ALL but Rogue Custom use that rather tacky fo-nail method ..... staple guns/nail guns. A precision carpenter would NEVER opt this method of fastening a structure together.

(3) Pete and Rogue Custom only hand paint their buildings....NONE of the competition hand paint.... the others only (often as an option..up-charge) apply a very weak/thin layer of paint with lots of over-spray everywhere (We personally saw this with their "freeway models").

(4) ALL but Rogue Custom claim they can build in extraordinarily short time....Quality takes of time to develop!

Step up......... If you are having Pete build it...."it’ll be done right".

Caroline and Raymond Miller


# 4  

Dear Potential Client,

We at "MR" Lodge were in need of two storage buildings and found a builder worthy of the endeavor. We were very pleased to discover that all of Rogue Custom’s buildings are fully portable because we were looking to place two buildings below a flood plane necessitating the requirement that the buildings be movable when the need arises.

Pull Ring 06072.jpg (26185 bytes) < "Pull Ring" on end of skid for proper, safe pulling of this shed....Pull Ring 06065.jpg (22661 bytes) (Click to enlarge)

This brings me to another topic, and that being that Rogue Custom built both of our units with very high-quality fasteners to ensure that it would hold together despite the units having to be moved occasionally. I was also impressed with the concrete leveling pads that were used to stabilize the building where it would sit as well as for ease of removal later. As for the finished buildings, allow me to add that they are esthetically pleasing and fit in well with the surrounding countryside.

  "The Taylor Creek"           

From the inception of our first meeting with Pete Engelhorn, Rogue Custom’s proprietor and lead craftsman, we knew our decision to hire him was well founded. We gave him very specific instructions on what we expected in these buildings, and his attention to our wishes and every small detail was evident as we observed his progress. Pete’s earnest attitude became apparent when we asked him for flexibility in his building schedule to accommodate our very specific guest scheduling. His "can do" attitude when called upon to perform additional "afterthought" tasks was refreshing.

Pete and crew live the statement ....."Where Quality Really Matters"

After many decades of dealing with "trades people" I have found Rogue Custom Sheds - n - Outbuildings, and more specifically Pete Engelhorn, to be a man who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk! He delivers well beyond expectations, so the next time we need a portable building built, we already know who to turn to to get the job done to our complete satisfaction.

Sincerely, Johnnie C., Proprietor

"MR" Lodge



Such an Efficient Company, Excellent Work! Poolside Plus 21   06.jpg (92522 bytes) < Click on image for better view

We really like our Pool side Cabana and want to thank you for being such an efficient company. You did what you said you would, and you did it well. We also want to thank our builder, Pete. He did a great job and was very efficient. He went over and above our exceptions. Pete obviously cares about his work and cares about the customer.

WOW ......"Truth in Engineering" ......they have ALL going on!!

These traits are very hard to find these days. Thanks for the GREAT experience.

Dan & Danette Moore


To the Boys of Rogue Custom Sheds and Outbuildings, 12/20/08

My "Merlin's Château" is as advertised .................... it has everything anyone could want! You told us that wed "like it as it comes" ............ A Total pleasure during the first snow of the season, watching it fall from the celestial windows ......... WOW!

Your whole concept of NO PRESSURE SALES, ........... in building design and quality building practices BLOWS AWAY those "other guys" ............. get the word out!!

Rogue Chalet 15.jpg (146466 bytes) The best is still ..... the best!!!! Rogue Chalet 10.jpg (85827 bytes)

James & Lisa Woods



Dear Rogue Custom,

Please except this letter of recommendation and comments.

My husband and I after much research of the local shed builders, had Rogue Custom build a much needed mid-sized storage shed and a small chicken coop.

First off we truly appreciate the candor in which your gentleman Pete met with us, approached and kept with our many requests... truly a man of his word. We found him very concise, to the point professional, ...... very down to earth, yet containing a refreshing sense of humor.

The activity of the actual build went rather smooth. We were impressed with the well thought out layout of the entire build project. Pete kept all the building debris picked up at all times.

David and I would warmly welcome Pete and his company to our next project and would surmise that one would be hard pressed to locate a better builder/complete package anywhere. Total satisfaction!

In ending, We wish to thank you for your most professional and personable service and the best continuance in your unique business enterprise.

Mrs. D. L. Roth

P.S. We personally wanted to complement Rogue Custom for being a truly "Green" company. We’ve made it a point to deal mainly with "Green" businesses with our dealings/purchases. "Green Applied Science™"

After locating the local shed companies I found that all build with O.S.B. (oriented strand board) with only one exception, Rogue Custom. All, oriented strand board contains urea formaldehyde resin. A known ingredient that will make one and ones pets very sick. (See contained facts).

Urea-formaldehyde including urea formaldehyde resin. Pressed wood products (particle board, fiberboard) made with these pressed wood products. The European Union banned the use of formaldehyde due to its carcinogenic properties.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), to reclassify formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen associated with nasal sinus cancer and nasopharyngeal, and possibly with leukemia.

Since 1985, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has permitted only the use of plywood that conform to no formaldehyde emission in the construction.

The National Cancer Institute - Formaldehyde and Cancer Risk

Key Points

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in some building materials.

Formaldehyde sources in the home include pressed-wood products.

Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Research studies of workers exposed to formaldehyde have suggested an association between formaldehyde exposure and several cancers, including nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia.

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials. It is used in pressed-wood products, such as particle board.

Point # 1....The reason We’ve included all the below is simply we don’t want our stored fertilizer (kept in the shed) to be contaminated with a known carcinogen that we later will ingest in our food grown in our garden.

Point # 2 .... Much the same as above...does anyone want to eat eggs coming from sick chickens?? Let alone eat the meat from such..... We’re safe with our decision.

Point # 3 .... We enjoy life so very much and wouldn’t have a clear conscience if we didn’t forward the possitive along with the cautionary.

We resource local / Oregon REAL WOOD NOT (Canadian or Russian POISONED wood byproducts) that contain TOXIC urea formaldehyde.


Dear Mr. Pete:
Over the years, you have made many lovely things for our Mom. It all started with a storage shed… Mom thinks it’s for her and we allow that every now and then – but we know you really did it so that we would have something to lounge beneath.
We’re sending this little note today to thank you very much for the cathouse. It’s completely ours, and we do not have to share it, either with Her, or with each other, since there is a floor for each of us. The weather right now is great, which is almost a shame.

We can’t wait for a good ol’ winter, so we can really break in our condo. Just imagine! It can snow, or rain, and we can still sit smartly just a few feet away from our food source…that is, we mean, Mom….and stay completely dry and safe at the same time!
If we weren’t cats, and therefore completely independent, we would shake your paw.

FraidyCat and Tiger


To whom It May Concern:
I would heartily recommend Pete Englehorn of Rogue Custom Sheds.
First, I found the website very informative and easy to navigate (www.roguecustom.com). When first beginning research into my shed needs, I found this an extremely
non-threatening way to gather information; I did not have to worry about the face-to-face methods of a high pressure salesman. (Later, when I met Pete, he did not fit this description anyway. In fact, he actually talked me out of some things that would have shown a greater profit for him, but not necessarily have met my needs. Still, as a single woman in today' s world, I have learned to always be on the lookout for the opposite.)
worked within my budget and produced a high-quality building in less time than anticipated. As the daughter of a carpenter, I appreciate the craftsmanship that ensures a long-lasting product. The shed was also meticulously painted to match my freshly-painted home, and now sits proudly as a work of art in my back yard! The work site was left in neat condition.
As impressed as I am with my outbuilding, I am much more impressed by Pete's work ethic. There was some additional labor to my job: Pete was not phased by any of it. I have had other potential workers, in various businesses (brush-cutting, demolition, et cetera) who have flat-out refused the aspect of additional labor, or doubled the estimate. Pete's
can-do attitude was a blessing.
I have already asked Pete for an estimate on another job. Repeat business is probably the strongest recommendation any customer can offer. I know that any work he does will be of the highest quality, and that he is a man of his word.

D. B.    "The West Side Storage"  (with pent roof)


                                             May 2, 2007   
It is with great pleasure that I offer this letter of reference for Rogue Custom Design and Pete Engelhorn. After
receiving bids from 2 other companies, we selected Rogue Custom Designs to build our shed. The high quality of work began when Pete himself came to our home and met with us to discuss our needs as well as provide us with a variety of design and pricing options from which to choose. He politely answered our many questions and provided us with an accrete, precise quote.
Our project started right on schedule and was completed in less time than originally estimated. Pete was professional, friendly, and courteous to our family and friends. His proposed design and overall workmanship were excellent. Our project was further enhanced by the fact that Pete had obviously
carefully selected the very best in materials. All of the wood and fasteners were of excellent quality. In my opinion, his attention to details is exceptional. Pete cleaned up the job site and then met with me to keep me informed about any remaining tasks and schedule. During the project my requests for additional enhancements were handled in a friendly and efficient manner.
I recently retired with over 30 years of management experience in local government where I negotiated hundreds of contracts with many firms. Rogue Custom Design was a pleasure to do business with. In my opinion, their success can be attributed not only to their quality designs and creative buildings, but also to their
professional business practices and friendly service.

B. H.


from: Danny & Susan J.               

Dear Potential Client:
We recently had a storage shed constructed by Pete Engelhorn of Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings.
We are extremely pleased with our shed. Pete uses high quality materials and the end result is far superior to any other shed we have seen in the valley. Pete is very hard working and he was very prompt. He left our property very clean when he was done.
We would highly recommend him to build your shed or out building.
Danny & Susan J.
  "The West Side Storage"  (with gable roof)

Note: This Client has relocated to another state ......and packed their shed with them.....again...proving the point of our buildings being "Fully Re- locatable".


Endorsement 02/27/07 21:39
from: T. P. of Ashland Oregon    "The Ashland Garden Office"

I wanted to send an endorsement letter to be used on your website. So, here it is. I'm glad to hear you "sold" another Ashland garden office and I hope it's one of many to come.

"Pete, of Rogue Custom Sheds, just finished a "garden/office" for me at my house in Ashland. Space is at a premium in Ashland and having a City-Approved garden office/shed built by Rogue Custom was by far the most economical way for our family to "add" an extra storage onto our household. I've been a professional builder for the past four years and so I have a critical eye for quality and workmanship. Pete is hands-down the best builder I've worked with. He pays extreme attention to creating quality. The best part is that he seems to actually enjoy what he does, finishes the project on time and has a great attitude. If you are considering a shed, outbuilding or office shed, going with Rogue Custom makes the project enjoyable and affordable...and you'll get twice the quality!"

    T. P. of Ashland Oregon


  "The Merlin Châteaux"

September 14, 2007

Pete Engelhorn

Rogue Custom Sheds

P.O. Box 1975

Grants Pass, OR 97528

Dear Pete:

Thank you for your excellent salesmanship and construction of our Merlin’s Workshop Split Roof shed.

We were sold on your use of quality materials and workmanship, along with keeping with the timeline stated. Your willingness to also add the options of a deadbolt lock and pegboard interior was greatly appreciated.

We prepared the shed site making it level and packed firm to insure a sound foundation. The orientation related to the materials and building methods to be used prior to signing the agreement and building the shed was very helpful in knowing exactly what we were purchasing.

We look forward to enjoying this unique design shed for our gardening equipment and supplies for years to come.

Thank you again!


B. B.



Just a note to say thank you for the excellent job you did on my storage shed. I have had several people comment on how nice it turned out and they want to have one built also. Thank you to the office lady for sending an additional receipt so promptly when requested for my tax records.

Sincerely, Daniel R. West Salt Box Shed 1.jpg (79896 bytes) Felixstow, U.K.


Job Done in Timely Manner

Re: Stuart and Crew

A few months ago we purchased one of your sheds and you sent Stuart and Crew out to place it. Also, at the same time we had other work going on here at our house. Which meant a lot of confusion keeping track of who was doing what. And the only person I had no problems with was Stuart. He showed up early and got the job done in a timely manner. We felt bad for him because it was a very long day for him, yet he stayed and cleaned up everything before he left. And I wanted to let you know what a great job he did. A couple of weeks ago Stuart stopped by while I was out front mowing. He told me it was his day off and he was running some errands. He wanted to see how things were going and how we like the outback-office-shed. And I proceeded to tell him I was getting ready to call about the main door (I have the two door version). I was having problems with a squeak. He told me he could fix it while he was there. I expressed to him it could wait and it could be fixed another time but he insisted on doing it while he was already there. The door is working well and I wanted to you to be aware of what kind of gentleman you have in Stuart and how much we appreciated his work. We would most defiantly recommend him to anyone.

Sincerely, Christy Barnes (U.K.)



"When I saw the camping-cabin-shed pictured, I felt like I had found what I had been looking for. I am a single mother with two, twin teenaged daughters with little or no experience in construction. You worked every day to get it completed before my daughters birthday celebration, what a memorable weekend we had together"

"the best value for the money ... by far"

H. Lee


"Your excellent site had me almost convinced to buy from you. Your warm and helpful attitude in person clinched it!"

Sharon W.

Ipswitch, England


.........We got our grin on ...........

"I love my clubhouse. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation in my own backyard!"

Charlene W.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to take this time to thank you for the wonderful shed that you built for my wife Laura and I.

From the first time you came to our home, until the completion of the job, we had a very edifying experience. Pete was a great sales representative not pressuring us into something we didn't want or need. He gave us a lot of insight into how you could build the shed to fit our needs. The office staff was very easy to work with and very professional when I called with questions. Pete, was very professional and he made changes to make our shed even more useful to us. He was very polite at all times and his workmanship shows in the finished product. During the process, we had a number of our neighbors watching the progress and some builders at our house working on a re-model, plus the building inspector. They all were very impressed with your product and a couple indicated to us that they would be getting one of your buildings. Overall, we had a very enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Also ........ worthy of note ..... it's refreshing to see that Pete and all of your staff are "Smoke Free" ... "Alcohol Free" & spoke as Gentlemen (no coarse language spoken at any time), wish all the other companies could say that ........ (Our neighbor smelled alcohol on the breath of the "other, cheaper sheds" workers and is still picking up cigarette butts)

We would like to commend your entire staff and recommend your product to others in the future. God bless your work and may you continue having success in the future.

Bill & Laura Flight


Rogue Custom,

From the top ..... My wife made a good point last winter when I came back from our "rented mini-storage" on the other side of town ... I was soaked due to many trips back-and-forth to my truck. She exclaimed "Why would anyone rent a mini-storage unit far from your property when you can have a shed at your home or business?" This prompted us to contact your company at the recommendation of our trusted Veterinarian who has a "camping cabin" that you folks placed on his weekend get-a-way property. From ordering to the finished product, we are so glad we purchased from you - top quality!" the fact that all your sheds are totally portable clinched it for us. We may be transferring in a few years and WILL be bringing it with us. (Talk about being GREEN!) May your business be as profitable as possible.

Kevin & Kayla B.


It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and I couldn't agree more. So take a "look see" at the happy image .............

RCSO Screen Room 1.jpg (54171 bytes)

"The smell of the wood and the overall ambiance our cabana provides has been a great experience for all our guests."

Karen H. Southampton


We will recommend your company to everyone who admires our shed (which fits beautifully with our country brick home!)"

Mary H.


Play House 6 Hucks pad.jpg (122026 bytes)

My kids love the playhouse...it blows the plastic ones away!"

Anna I.


Unit 5.jpg (39790 bytes)

"We were delighted to find ideal storage space which is also an attractive addition to our yard."

Jay F.



"Quality unmatched by any other."

Andrew Marr (U.K.)


"We are not sure what we enjoy more, looking at, or using our new potting shed. It is so quaint and cozy!"

Bob and Cindy Mac Mahn


"I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the shed and how useful it is. Great work!"

Thanks, Bill Praetorius


"The shed is perfect and the men who built it were great. I was a little worried beforehand that they wouldn't have enough room to work with and that my garden would get trampled, but they were very careful and competent."

Linda Christie


"I am so pleased with my new cottage. Your guys were great. They were able to build the cottage exactly as I wanted it."

Mary Anne Bolter


"Thanks for the prompt service. I commend the carpenters, they were excellent. The Merlin's Workshop will make a fine new stylish home for my tack and supplies."

Richard Moore



Finding a quality storage shed building company has been extremely frustrating. I've asked myself ADo I need a divining rod?@ Then a close friend said "I can feel your pain". He has witnessed my dismay in the shed I've have already (purchased locally from as we didn't yet know, now know ........... "shoddy barns are Us .... guys" and have already plenty of water in it from the leaks, you can now throw away the divining rod.) Did someone say "Either your at the table or your the meal" ......... got ingestion more than once from them and their practices. Get rid of your tarot cards and Ouija board too. It can be hard to find a qualified, quality storage shed building company, but trust me, there is one in our valley. They built my brothers "mini camping cabin shed" up at the lake, my brother has nicly filled with all his bycycles, canoe and gear,etc. etc . It fills all the family's needs in both function and quality. Rogue Custom is the name and talk with Pete. He really has it going on!

Pete ..............."He's so old school.... He's new school"......big time!

After contemplating whether I should venture out and replace the afore mentioned from "shoddy barns are us" built with NO craftsmanship...... waif, I decided it couldn't hurt to contact Pete and his crew. WOW I hadn't any idea of how much they have to offer. The short of it, I am ecstatic with all they have to offer in the portable building design and envious building techniques. This one will sell many others as my friends visit the estate.

Martin Henry

(Click to enlarge) Pull Ring 06072.jpg (26185 bytes) < "Pull Ring" on end of skid for proper, safe pulling of your shed.... if required.


"Your designs are among the finest looking that I have come across!"

Don Johnson


"I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the pump-house. Great work!"

Thanks, Bill Price Pumphouse     The Razorback   8.jpg (109175 bytes) Pumphouse     The Razorback   10.jpg (107943 bytes)


#9 An enjoyable experience from Beginning to End...... truly.... with Rogue Custom.

After I looked at ALL that is being offered out there, in Grants Pass, Prospect and Central Point.... (got to Pass.... no Prospects there.... what's the Point) ....

.....I'm a "When Quality Really Matters" type of guy.

I really put you folks to the test, ordering a shed developed from my own mind. Your creative department really listened and heard exactly what I was after. Your suggestions were welcomed and I'm most pleased with final outcome.

....... Steve Miller


"I am so pleased with my new camping cabin. The Rogue Custom Sheds and Outbuildings crew guys were great. They were able to set the camping cabin exactly where I wanted it.....we packed it with all our camping gear and small john boat."

Oregon Trail

Anne Stone


"From sales and service to final assembly, it was quality all the way"

George C. Lucas


"Thanks for the prompt build. I commend the crew/team, they were excellent. The small livestock shelter will make a fine new home for my birds and my bird supplies."

Rich Moore


The final product is rugged and stands up to our West Coast wind and rain. The look is phenomenal ... we admire it constantly from the house and all the neighbors thank us warmly for enhancing their view."

Frank Rogers


Experience the Difference, it's a difference that only skill, expertise, and dedication to excellence can make.



"I am so happy that you started to sell these dog houses. I am a police officer, not a carpenter. The dog house I ordered came out beautiful, it makes me so happy to know that my German Shepherd is warm at night in his new dog house." And now my K-9 partner loves his new dog house too."

Thanks, Daniel from O.S.P.



"To find these dog houses meant so much to me. I could not separate my two babies and have them each in a separate dog house or in two different kennels when I go to work. The 2 Dog/1 Door dog house was exactly what I was looking for, and I was so pleased to find your website. My dogs now have a warm beautiful dog house that they can both now share and be together all the time. I feel so much better not having to worry about them being apart or in any weather conditions when I am not home. It is a remarkable dog house!"

Thanks so much, Melissa Counts from California , USA

P.S. My babies say thanks too!


AI received the dog house last month, thank you so much! You are great to do business with and I will spread the word. I know you are going to make one blind dog very happy. Thanks again for all your help and your excellent follow through. In fact, if there is a way you can use this as a "satisfied customer" testimonial, feel free. Mary Jo


Pooch 1.gif (35605 bytes)

"Just to let you know that I have your 2 dog/2 door dog house for my two police K-9's. Both of my K-9's are trained in different areas, and are both males. They do not get along together. So, the 2 dog/2 door dog house was a perfect solution for me."

Thanks, Russell


"What a beautiful dog house that my 3 dogs have. I followed your suggestions and it all came out great. I also will add interior lights and air conditioning. My dogs just love their new abode. They can all be together all the time. When I go to work, I don't have to worry about the weather because I know they will be just fine in their new dog house.

Thanks again, John Warrner


"The quality of a person=s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor".

Vince Lombardi      

Pete @ 541.779.2436 contact@roguecustom.com

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