"The Effectively Advanced Shed Series"

The Effectively Advanced Shed Series


                               "Marie's Cottage"                                                      


                      "Ashland's Garden Office"

   "Chris's Studio-Cabin-Amongst the Trees" 

Skid System (Included). Quality wood door (Included)  Very complete
With 8" T-111 siding.
Lap, board -n- batten siding, skylights, windows, increased roof pitch and steel roofing, etc. available as an option.

     8'x 8' $ 3,225                 

  8'x 10' $ 3,495

  8'x 12' $ 3,950

  8'x 14' $ 4,600

  8'x 16' $ 5,050

10'x 10' $ 4,495

10'x 12' $ 5,150

10'x 20' $ 7,010

12'x 12' $ 6,150

12'x 16' $ 6,925

14'x 14' $ 7,250 

These prices are for a limited time. Building must be ordered by 07/01/19 to assure this discount. *
                                            (This special discounted pricing is for a Rogue Valley level build site)

      Effectively Advanced Shed...... Our Semi Custom/Custom Shed Series..... the very highest quality.... Any size you desire 200sq' or under.

Top: 130M.P.H. 30 year architectural hand nailed roofing in a choice of 12 colors over (real) roofing felt over (real) plywood (NOT O.S.B. / chip board).
R.C.S.O.TM  Engineered Isosceles/Trigδnon Binal Truss System. Steel lower drip rails and (real) 2x6 facia boards.

Mid: True "green" Dynamic-kinetic-convection-vacuum-charged cross ventilated.
(Real) T-111 plywood siding hand nailed to kiln dried studs built on 16" centers.

If we paint: Hand laid (NOT S.A.P......."spray and pray" method here.....ever!)
Primed and two coats hand applied 15 year paint (a multi day application).

Door: A steel or hand built door (built and glued in a proper "old school" door press) has a (real) door knob/handle with secure lock set .

Base:  3/4" (real) plywood floor, screwed to treated floor joists (on 16" centers).  Green Plant 2012 gif.gif (72936 bytes) "Green Applied Science™"   Skids & Joists.
Proper vapor barrier, treated skids on proper (purpose made) concrete leveling pads.    See TESTIMONIALS   to receive a perspective from others. 

"The Ashland Salt Box Workshop -n - Storage"
board-n-batten siding, salt box roof, custom windows & doors.
   (Click to see a larger view) 
See Testimonials.....  Bill and Rita of Ashland Or.

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Hi Pete!!!                                                                                         

What a pleasure it has been having you build my shed. It's PERFECT! The reasons are many, quality construction of course, but the real difference for me was; How we discussed the design  and the many choices you offered then boiled down. How big? Sky lights? Type of door? Side door? What color?

"The Cobra Den"    

Well done my friend, it's more than I expected. The dual over head high tech sky lights are nothing short of amazing. During the day they let the light pour in. The extension, or "loft" on the front gives me another 2 feet of storage room for my roll away tool boxes and work bench. That idea was brilliant, it makes a huge difference in available floor space and I need every inch.

It's a wonderful shed and money well invested. In time, perhaps I will take it with me should I ever move. This is no ordinary shed, it's a "keeper"!

The side door is wonderful, a "must have" in my opinion.


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To the Boys of Rogue Custom Sheds and Outbuildings,   
My "Merlin's Chateau" is as advertised .................... it has everything anyone could want!  You told us that we'd "like it as it comes" ............ A Total pleasure during the first snow of the season, watching it fall from the celestial windows ......... WOW!

 "Merlin's Chateau"      8' X 8' From $3,295

                 W/Optional steel split roofline roof, mini deck, custom windows & door. 

Your whole concept of
NO PRESSURE SALES, ........... in building design and quality building practices BLOWS AWAY those "other guys" ............. get the word out!!
      The best is still ..... the best!!!!  
                                                                  James & Lisa Woods

 Pull Ring 06072.jpg (26185 bytes) < "Pull Ring" on end of skid for proper, safe pulling of your shed....Pull Ring 06065.jpg (22661 bytes) (Click to enlarge)                                                 

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  "The Talent's Artists Studio"

                          See Testimonials Emily  "The Talent's Artists Studio"

W/Optional custom windows & door.

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  "Mr. "E's "Keeper"     

W/Optional extra side (lawn care) door, 12/12 pitch roof & loft.                                         (Click on thumbnail images to enlarge)

            See Testimonials....( Mr. & Mrs.  "E"'s  "Keeper")                   .......Every man is the architect of his own fate...... Petros

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                "The Ashland Garden Office"   
custom windows & door.
See Testimonials..... T. P. of Ashland Oregon

                             Yes.......  I personally spend 1-1/2 days painting even the smallest building ....by hand ......

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"The Foothill"         "The Hawkin's Haven"

"The Jacksonville"  See Testimonials.... Don and Lyn W

  "Mike & Lisa's Office"

  "The Wilderville"   

  "The Westside"               "Mikes Shop"

"Eagle Point Storage"  

"Roca Canyon"     

                                                                Green Plant 2012 gif.gif (72936 bytes)  "Green Applied Science™"

"Green Technology" treated wood ..........we've discovered the sources that utilize the proper "green" method of treating wood that keep insects, micro-spores and the like from attacking wood products. This technology has been made available to us and we build with such whenever possible.


(2) We are the only shed builder in the Rogue Valley that only uses real plywood throughout the build process from inception thorough today (No O.S.B. garbage used here!!).

* Due to the major discounts reflected on this page, no other discounts maybe used with these "Specials", also based on a level build site....Thank You.

                                                        Contact us at:   541.779.2436  or  contact@roguecustom.com   


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