The Essential Shed Series

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Skid System (Included). Quality wood door (Included)  Very complete  with 8" T-111 siding.

   6'x 8' $ 2,230                 

  8'x 8' $ 2,625

10'x 8' $ 2,895

12'x 8' $ 3,480

14'x 8' $ 3,860

16'x 8' $ 4,240

These prices are for a limited time. Building must be ordered by 07/01/19 to assure this discount. *
                                            (This special discounted pricing is for a Rogue Valley build site)

                     Essential Shed...... Our Entry Level Shed..... Highest quality.... at a working mans/gals price!

                                             Any size you desire that are 8' wide by 6', 8', 10', 12', 14' or 16' depth.
Top: 120M.P.H. 30 year architectural hand nailed roofing in a choice of 12 colors over (real) roofing felt over (real) plywood (NOT O.S.B. / chip board).
R.C.S.O.TM  Engineered Isosceles Binal Truss System. Steel lower drip rails and (real) 2x6 facia boards.

Mid: True "green" Dynamic-kinetic-convection-vacuum-charged cross ventilated.
(Real) 8" T-111 plywood siding hand nailed to kiln dried studs built on 16" centers.

If we paint: Hand laid (NOT S.A.P......."spray and pray" method here.....ever!)
Primed and two coats hand applied 15 year paint (a multi day application).

Door: A hand built door (built and glued in a proper "old school" door press) has a (real) door knob/handle with secure lock set . A proper entrance scuff plate.

3/4" (real) plywood floor, screwed to treated floor joists (on 16" centers).  Green Plant 2012 gif.gif (72936 bytes) "Green Applied Science™"   Skids & Joists.
Proper vapor barrier, treated skids on proper (purpose made) concrete leveling pads.    See TESTIMONIALS   to receive a perspective from others. 

Here is my testimonial.
I agree with my neighbor Richard and what he has to say about the shed you built for him a couple years ago "the wonderful storage shed you built me. Every time I see it the fine craftsmanship speaks for it's self. You give the very best in your work and has lead to your success. Again thank you Richard".

I too say thanks so much for everything! I hired Pete in June of this year to construct a 8' X 10' wood storage shed for use as a caned food pantry/storage unit. Fully insulated, well cross ventilated with interior plywood paneling and sturdy shelving.

I am thoroughly satisfied with the great job he did.

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From the time I first contacted Pete, I was impressed, he explains the build process well.
He wanted to be sure that I was pleased with every aspect of this project, and I was!
Pete has a very strong work ethic. He always shows up when he says he will and stays focused at the job at hand and isn’t apposed to spend as much time as necessary to assure the finest outcome. Not only does he do well executed carpentry, he is very careful and considerate about cleaning up any debris at the end of the workday.
Pete is very straight forward and honest in all of his dealings.
His offer to give me a Military/Senior citizens discount put his pricing within reach of another builders quote, with the obvious quality contrast of his product line it was a no brainer!
I highly recommend him for building any kind of structure.
His use of only full sized hand driven nails (from a nail bag) instead of staples or brad sized headed nails from a gun when putting his buildings together to his exclusive use of engineered truss systems on every shed including his entry level sheds was a HUGE plus for me!
I really appreciate someone who not only takes major pride in their work, but one who also wants to please his customers. Pete is very easy to talk with and is eager to please.
He loves the work that he does, and it shows.

Speaking of pride in workmanship, his beautifully custom hand crafted door and the four wraparound shelves with their recessed plywood shelving edge is so well thought out and quite stout! I can see many decades of service here.

  Client requested optional shelving  

Here is the result of the shed he built me and the beautiful job that was done.
Thanks so much for everything Pete!
The first round of beer at Wild River Pub is on me.

Sincerely, Bernie (Bernard) Falkowski 1st. LT OR. National Guard (Ret)

      "Richards Essential Shed"     

Thank you Pete for the wonderful storage shed you built me. Every time I see it the fine craftsmanship speaks for it's self. Thank you Pete for the wonderful storage shed you built me. Every time I see it the fine craftsmanship speaks for it's self.
You give the very best in your work and has lead to your success.    Again thank you, Richard.


Hi Pete!!!                                                                                         

What a pleasure it has been having you build my shed. It's PERFECT! The reasons are many, quality construction of course, but the real difference for me was; How we discussed the design  and the many choices you offered then boiled down. How big? Sky lights? Type of door? Side door? What color?

Well done my friend, it's more than I expected. The dual over head high tech sky lights are nothing short of amazing. During the day they let the light pour in. The extension, or "loft" on the front gives me another 2 feet of storage room for my roll away tool boxes and work bench. That idea was brilliant, it makes a huge difference in available floor space and I need every inch.

It's a wonderful shed and money well invested. In time, perhaps I will take it with me should I ever move. This is no ordinary shed, it's a "keeper"!

The side door is wonderful, a "must have" in my opinion.


  To the Boys of Rogue Custom Sheds and Outbuildings,   
My "Merlin's Chateau" is as advertised .................... it has everything anyone could want!  You told us that we'd "like it as it comes" ............ A Total pleasure during the first snow of the season, watching it fall from the celestial windows ......... WOW!
Your whole concept of
NO PRESSURE SALES, ........... in building design and quality building practices BLOWS AWAY those "other guys" ............. get the word out!!
      The best is still ..... the best!!!!  
                                                                  James & Lisa Woods

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To Whom It May Concern:

This past week Pete Engelhorn of Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings built a 10 X 12 shed for us in our back yard.

Not only did he do an excellent job, he finished it a full day ahead of schedule! The finished project is very attractive and matches the siding and roof of our house perfectly.

Pete takes pride in his work and has an impeccable work ethic. He was very professional but also has a wonderful personality and was a joy to have around.

I would highly recommend Pete to anyone who would like to have him work for them (and have in fact already done so).


                      Very Sincerely;

                                                     Vera B.

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Endorsement 03/26/07 
from: Danny & Susan J.

Dear Potential Client:

We recently had a storage shed constructed by Pete Engelhorn of Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings.

We are extremely pleased with our shed. Pete uses high quality materials and the end result is far superior to any other shed we have seen in the valley.  Pete is very hard working and he was very prompt at showing up every day.  He always left our property very clean when he was done for the day.

We would highly recommend him to build your shed or out building.  We are willing to show our shed by appointment, so you can see his great workmanship for yourself.


Danny & Susan J.

Note: This Client has relocated to another state ......and packed their shed with them.....again...proving the point of our buildings being  "Fully Re- locatable".

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It is a pleasure to recommend Mr. Pete Engelhorn, proprietor of Rogue Custom Sheds-n-Outbuildings if you are considering a stand-alone unit on your property. Pete built us a 198 square foot shed which we made into an art-studio. Pete worked with us from the inception, going over the rough plans, advising us along the way. He then proceeded to build
shed (and now we've made it into a dream studio).
Pete is a skilled craftsman, has developed a tried and true process for building such units, worked efficiently within budget and time constraints, and was always amenable to changes along the way. His presence on our property was not intrusive in any way, and it was a pleasure chatting with him as appropriate.
I highly recommend Pete if you are considering a small out-building on your property.
You will be very satisfied, as we were!
                                                                           William E. K., Ph.D, Carcassonne, FX   

 Yes.......  I personally spend 1-1/2 days painting even the smallest building hand ......  Pete

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                                                                Green Plant 2012 gif.gif (72936 bytes)  "Green Applied Science™"

"Green Technology" treated wood ..........we've discovered the sources that utilize the proper "green" method of treating wood that keep insects, micro-spores and the like from attacking wood products. This technology has been made available to us and we build with such whenever possible.


(2) We are the only shed builder in the Rogue Valley that only uses real plywood throughout the build process from inception thorough today (No O.S.B. garbage used here!!).

* Due to the major discounts reflected on this page, no other discounts maybe used with these "Specials", also based on a level build site....Thank You.

                                                        Contact us at:   541.779.2436  or   

                      ......Every man is the architect of his own fate...... Petros      

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